Däna Herbal Balm

Ideally suited for the relief of muscular aches, pains, headaches, sore throat, burns & scalding, insect bites, rashes & allergies. Also suited for stomach-aches as well as facilitate breathing & alleviates nasal & bronchial congestion. Also helps to shrink & relieves pain for haemorrhoids.

A thoroughly researched ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine formula blended with fragrance and herbs.

The thoroughly researched formula has been derived from ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine applying the Yin-Yang theory of the I Ching (~3000 BC). This formula, blended with fragrance and herbs have been further developed over the last two decades by our scientists in Asia, Europe and the USA. The ingredients have been very carefully selected to maximize their holistic and synergistic effects. An increasing understanding of the Yin-Yang concept which explains the dynamic equilibrium where a state of harmony is achieved within our body system, has contributed to other complementary systems of cure.

These herbs are also used in Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine, Japanese (acupressure), Thai massages and other form of traditional cures.

These herbal products are ideally suited for a wide variety of physical discomforts, for example, the relief of muscular aches, pains and headaches due to the analgesic effects of the essential oils used. These have been traditionally used for stomach-aches because of its ability to remove wind (colic). These products facilitate breathing and alleviates nasal and bronchial congestion in patients suffering from colds and flu, which help to relief stress, which in turn relaxes the body, thereby enabling the body to repair and consolidates its immune system (defence mechanism). Sore throat is relieved through the analgesic, aroma therapeutic and anti-bacterial effects of the herbs. These products are very effective for burn/scalding, itches from inset bites are quickly soothed. Rashes, allergies and uriticaria are also alleviated. This formula helps to shrink, sooth and relieves pain for haemorrhoids.

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updated: 29 September 2023