Däna Herbal Spray

The Anti-attack spray is an excellent form of defence against attackers which can be kept handy at all times hidden away.

The Throat / Mouth spray is an ideal mouth refreshener & a great relief for toothache, mouth ulcer & sore throat.

The thoroughly researched formula has been derived from ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine applying the Yin-Yang theory of the I Ching (~3000 BC). This formula, blended with fragrance and herbs have been further developed over the last two decades by our scientists in Asia, Europe and the USA. The ingredients have been very carefully selected to maximize their holistic and synergistic effects. An increasing understanding of the Yin-Yang concept which explains the dynamic equilibrium where a state of harmony is achieved within our body system, has contributed to other complementary systems of cure.

These herbs are also used in Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine, Japanese (acupressure), Thai massages and other form of traditional cures.

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updated: 29 September 2023